Seattle Pinball Museum logo neon sign created using Adobe Photoshop.

Project Category: Branding, Art Direction, Visual Design
Timeframe: 11 weeks
Roles: Branding, art direction, visual design​​​​​​​
Tools: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Overview: branding for Seattle Pinball Museum

Scroll through the Seattle Pinball Museum rebrand guidebook.

Old branding for the Seattle Pinball museum

Here are some examples of the Seattle Pinball Museum's original branding

Problem to Solve: The branding of the Seattle Pinball Museum suffered from a lack of consistency and clarity. The logo failed to capture the exhilaration and liveliness of pinball, the website was obsolete, and the museum's social media accounts were disjointed. This absence of a cohesive brand identity made it challenging for prospective visitors to comprehend the museum's offerings and anticipate the kind of experience they would have when they visit.
Research & Demographic: The research included a thorough review of the client's existing branding, which included a site visit and documentation, as well as an audit of their existing website. This was coupled with research into other businesses currently in the pinball arcade space (the competition), an investigation into the history of the game of pinball, as well as the demographics of the people that enjoy pinball.
Solution or Objective & Process: A redesigned logo was created that effectively conveyed the sense of excitement and energy associated with pinball. An outdoor advertising campaign was developed to showcase the fun and vibrant experience of playing pinball at the museum, and branded merchandise was created that reflected the museum's brand identity. Clear and attractive signage was designed to guide visitors to the museum and reinforce the brand identity.
Before sketching, much brainstorming was done.
Before sketching, much brainstorming was done.
More logo skeches...
More logo skeches...
More logo skeches...
More logo skeches...
Logo Creation Process: The process of creating the new logo was exhaustive but well worth the effort. Drawing the research conducted earlier, a design that referenced the dynamic nature of the pinball flipper was landed on, because it expresses pinball's dynamic nature and is a readily identifiable aspect of the game.  
Vector sketches came next, and then color was added. Things were looking pretty good, but more work was needed to find the best typographic treatment and lockup.  
Final Insights: Clear and consistent branding makes a really big difference in the user experience. When a company or organization's voice closely aligns with the product or service they provide it becomes easier for the guest to develop a positive mental and emotional association with the client. When the product the client is providing is as fun and energetic as pinball then it’s even more important. The consistent and exciting execution of this rebrand will serve to help the client make a deeper and longer-lasting connection with older clients and attract new clients through increased brand awareness generated by an outdoor ad campaign.    

Next steps would include an expanded advertising campaign using the “you’ll flip for unlimited plays” tagline across multiple media streams, along with a website redesign.
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