Overview: Create the concept and first issue of a magazine that appeals to people in the Seattle region, that has the potential to go on for a multi-year run.
Project Catagory: Layout,  Branding, Editorial, Print, visual design

Collaborators: This was a solo project
Time Frame: 11 Weeks
Tools: ​​​​​InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
The Problem: South Ender, a Seattle food and dining guide, was created to address a problem of the city's South End being all too often overlooked despite its diverse and vibrant culinary scene. This has resulted in many food enthusiasts being left unaware of the unique offerings available in this section of Seattle. South Ender aims to address this issue by promoting and celebrating the culinary scene of the South End, featuring local food news, trends, events, restaurant reviews, and explorations of different neighborhoods. The publication also showcases profiles of new and interesting chefs, cooks, and restaurateurs, as well as producers and home cooks, providing readers with a better understanding of the context, people, and places that make it possible to play, eat, and live in Seattle.
Research & Demographic: Research was conducted into the demographics of people who are most likely to dine out regularly and desire in-depth information about the restaurants they choose. The aim of this research was to identify the target market for The SouthEnder. Based on the findings, personas were created to represent the different segments of the target market. These personas were designed to capture the behaviors, motivations, and goals of the typical reader of The SouthEnder, providing a better understanding of their needs and preferences. This information was used to guide the design and content of the publication, ensuring that it appeals to the target market and meets their expectations.
Solution: South Ender, a monthly Seattle food and dining guide that showcases the diverse communities of Seattle's South End through the lens of food. The publication features a wide range of content, including local food news, trends, events, restaurant reviews, neighborhood explorations, and profiles of chefs, cooks, restaurateurs, producers, and home cooks. The goal was to provide readers with a comprehensive guide to the culinary scene in Seattle's South End, while also offering insights into the context, people, and places that make it such a unique and vibrant part of the city. Through South Ender, readers can gain a new perspective on playing, eating, and living in Seattle, while also discovering new and exciting culinary experiences. The design of the publication was carefully crafted to appeal to the target market, with a focus on clear and concise typography, vibrant imagery, and intuitive navigation, ensuring that readers can easily find the information they need and enjoy the reading experience.
Insights: The SouthEnder project was a challenging but valuable experience that tested my project management skills and ability to work with a large scope. Despite a major setback when the hard drive storing project files became corrupted, I was able to learn from the experience and implement a better backup system moving forward. Overall, this project required me to think holistically and keep the target personas in mind throughout the entire process, allowing me to create a successful food and dining magazine centered on the diverse communities of Seattle's south end.
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